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Why Booster Club?

Founded in 2008, Booster Club is dedicated to enhancing the educational prospects of young people by fostering improved academic achievements. We provide in-person tutoring sessions led by high quality teachers in Mathematics and English, utilising effective intervention models available in full-day, half-day, or hourly formats during term time, weekends, or holidays.

Our tuition sessions are not led by trainee teachers, overseas teachers or students. Boosterclub is a network of practising Maths and English Subject Leaders, former Advanced Skills Teachers, Lead Practitioners and Specialist Leaders of Education.

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Our team boasts an exceptional track record of preparing pupils for the subsequent phases of their lives, while consistently delivering outstanding results in SATs and GCSE examinations, even in the most challenging educational environments. To gain further insights into our comprehensive range of solutions, please refer to our home page.

Booster Club distinguishes itself through two unique selling propositions: firstly, our team comprises exceptional and experienced teachers, and secondly, we simplify the tutoring process by expertly managing all logistical aspects.

Invest your tutoring funding with us today to ensure the highest quality tutoring and intervention for your students. To learn more about how we can assist you and your pupils in improving their academic outcomes, please contact us here.

What is The National
Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is a government-funded initiative that aims to make high-quality tutoring available to schools.

Under NTP School-Led Tutoring, all eligible state-funded schools and academy trusts are given a ring-fenced grant to fund locally sourced tutoring provision for disadvantaged pupils. This could include using external tutoring companies or employing staff such as teachers and teaching assistants. The grant gives schools and academy trusts the flexibility to use tuition to support their pupils in a way that best meets local needs. The full Department for Education guidance is here

We have been quality assured by the DFE as a nationally accredited tutoring partner based on our excellent track record in tuition and intervention.

Key Information

  • Schools will receive additional per-pupil funding to support the pupils most in need.
  • For the academic year 2023/24, schools will receive the following funding for NTP:
    • mainstream schools: a minimum of £67.50 per PP-eligible pupil
    • special schools: a minimum of £176.25 per PP-eligible pupil
  • External organisations that you use must be DFE accredited tutoring providers to be eligible for funding.
  • At the end of the 2023/24 academic year your school will be required to report the total costs, pupil numbers and total hours delivered to DFE.
  • Any unspent tuition funding will be recalled by DFE next academic year.


The National Tutoring Programme has been created to reach the most disadvantaged pupils in state primary and secondary schools in England. All pupils in years 1–11, aged 5–16, are eligible for the national tutoring scheme. Schools are expected to use the funds for disadvantaged children whenever possible, however, schools also have the flexibility to include pupils who they feel are in the most need of extra support.

Spending Your NTP Funding

For the academic year 2023/24, NTP funding can be used to pay for 50% of the total cost incurred by your school to deliver tutoring. The total cost of tutoring should not exceed the maximum hourly per-pupil rate that applies to all NTP tutoring you provide, to ensure the cost of tutoring is not excessive.

The hourly per-pupil rates are:

  • mainstream schools: £18 of which the Department for Education (DfE) subsidy will be £9 (50%)
  • special schools: £47 of which the DfE subsidy will be £23.50 (50%)

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