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Booster Club is a team of dedicated raising achievement experts who collaborate closely with primary and secondary schools to improve academic outcomes. While our practical solutions cater to pupils across all year groups, we specialise in providing targeted support for SATs and GCSE years.

We work closely with schools to develop their raising achievement programmes and take pride in the fact that over 90% of them return to us as repeat customers. This underscores the integral role our solutions play in their raising achievement planning. Typically, schools often bundle a variety of our solutions together as part of their raising achievement programme. However, schools have the flexibility to select the specific solutions that align best with their unique needs.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our approach, with over 90% of our tutoring and intervention conducted in-person. We acknowledge the merits of online tutoring but firmly believe that face-to-face support is more impactful…

At the heart of our success are our lead teachers. Many are practicing HODs, LPs or SLEs and they all boast exceptional track records, consistently achieving outstanding GCSE results, often in the most challenging of educational environments. We are obsessed with impact and prefer to be judged on school outcomes rather than short term pre and post tutoring assessments. For instance, our impact analysis for the 2022/23 academic year demonstrated tangible results: we facilitated an average increase of 1.2 grades in pupil outcomes within a 20-week timeframe spanning from autumn mock exams to GCSE examinations. Contact us so we can work with you to build your raising achievement programme.

Network of high quality teachers

Turbo charge your English and Maths outcomes with extra capacity

Hassle free and easy to implement

Proven results

Rapidly Improving Education Outcomes In SATS, GCSE and A-Level Results

The Booster Club originated in the southeastern region of England through a collaborative effort involving senior leaders, subject leaders, and advanced skills teachers across a network of schools in 2008.

Our collaboration aimed to provide schools with exceptional tuition and intervention, resulting in improved performance in SATs, GCSEs, and A-level examinations. In order to support pupils’ learning outside the classroom, we developed cutting-edge technology, including our renowned Method Maths software, which is currently utilised by numerous schools worldwide, including our partnership with the OCR Awarding Body. Access our Method Maths sister site here.

Over the past decade, our team of educators has expanded significantly by incorporating accomplished mathematics and English subject leaders, as well as specialised leaders and lead practitioners from various regions across the country. Our teachers possess a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by schools, enabling us to tailor and refine the support we provide to meet their specific needs.

With an exceptional cadre of teachers, we collaborate with primary and secondary schools throughout the country to deliver top-quality tuition and intervention programs for their pupils.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers. They are current practitioners and heads of their respective subjects.

They have outstanding subject knowledge and are experts in their specialist areas.

They have exceptional track records of preparing pupil’s for the next phase of their lives as well as delivering outstanding SATs, GCSE and A level results, often in challenging settings.

They have the ability to rapidly build positive relationships with pupils .

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