Our Story

Rapidly improving education outcomes in SATs, GCSE and A-level results

The Booster Club originated in the southeastern region of England through a collaborative effort involving senior leaders, subject leaders, and advanced skills teachers across a network of schools in 2008.

Our collaboration aimed to provide schools with exceptional tuition and intervention, resulting in improved performance in SATs, GCSEs, and A-level examinations. In order to support pupils’ learning outside the classroom, we developed cutting-edge technology, including our renowned Method Maths software, which is currently utilised by numerous schools worldwide, including our partnership with the OCR Awarding Body. Access our Method Maths sister site here. 

Over the past decade, our team of educators has expanded significantly by incorporating accomplished mathematics and English subject leaders, as well as specialised leaders and lead practitioners from various regions across the country. Our teachers possess a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by schools, enabling us to tailor and refine the support we provide to meet their specific needs.

With an exceptional cadre of teachers, we collaborate with primary and secondary schools throughout the country to deliver top-quality tuition and intervention programs for their pupils.

We do not aim to be the biggest provider of tuition and intervention in the country.

Consequently, schools place their trust in us. We have responded to the call from NTP to grow, however, despite the overwhelming number of requests we receive to collaborate with schools, we refrain from exceeding our capacity in order to ensure that we consistently deliver the utmost quality of service.

Our dedication to fulfilling our promise is unwavering: we endeavor to offer schools the highest caliber of service by using only the best teachers.